To inspire and create bridges of exchange, collaboration and understanding between people, traditions and cultures.
Purnati engages in all art fields and especially in the development of ground-breaking works fusing original Asian traditions with contemporary artistic treatment.

Purnati has pursued its mission through many applications:

•Facilitate early stage collaborations between artists and producers
•Initiate multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary workshops
•Publish original printed and musical works
•Support Research & Development for cultural projects
•Promote Heritage & Preservation initiatives
•Host Yoga and alternative movement workshops

Jalan Gunung Abang. Br. Penataran. Negara Batuan. Sukawati. Gianyar. Bali. Indonesia. Phone +62.361.294590 Fax + 62.361.294591
Email: info@balipurnati.com | http://www.balipurnati.com

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