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Purnati offers itself to artists, cultural events, exhibitions and organizations.  We seek to explore new thoughts and concepts while collaborating to enhance  cultural, intellectual and artistic exchanges.

Purnati is the birthplace of the I La Galigo production by the renowned theatre director Robert Wilson.

Purnati fostered an original music arrangement between Grammy Award ®, Polar Music Prize and the Avery Fisher Prize winners KRONOS Quartet and Suppangah Rahayu, the renowned Indonesia composer.

Purnati studies, interprets and documents the cultural heritage of Indonesia through collaborative projects.

Some examples of its heritage preservation work:

  • Presentation of book launch on the Gambuh operatic form
  • The James Murdoch Personal Library



World Premiere

SCOT Summer Season 2018
Toga Art Park of Toyama Prefecture
Toga, Japan
24 August – 02 September 2018

First Show in Indonesia

Prambanan Temple
Jogjakarta, Central Java, Indonesia
29-30 September 2018 /
30 September-01 October 2018



This drama is adapted from an ancient Greek tragedy The Bacchae
authored by the Athenian playwright Euripides.
Dionysus (God of Wine) intends to punish Pentheus (King of
Thebes). So he allures souls of the women in Thebes one by one
(including Pentheus’ mother Agave), and then arrives at Mount
Pentheus is also fascinated and directed to the women’s carnival
banquet on Mount Cithaeron. However, he is torn to pieces by the
Delirious, Agave carries Pentheus’ head and leaves. She wakes up
only to find that her son is dead. At this time, she is aware that she
has become a scapegoat...

Adaptation and Director: Tadashi Suzuki
Text based on The Bacchae by Euripides

  Tadashi Suzuki is the founder and director of the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT).

Tadashi Suzuki is the founder and director of the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT).

  Copyright@The Private Museum

Copyright@The Private Museum


The Private Museum is proud to present Han Sai Por: Secret Landscapes – A Bali Purnati Artist Residency by one of Singapore’s leading sculptors and cultural medallion recipient, Han Sai Por. The exhibition marks the museum’s second collaboration with Yayasan Bali Purnati, as well as the artist’s inaugural solo acrylic-medium focused exhibition.
Nature has been always one of Han’s core influences in her practice. With vigour and tenacity, she immersed herself in the rich textures of natural landscapes and traversed in the untamed terrains of the mystical Indonesian island of Bali. Han’s new body of works captures the essence of Balinese topography—allowing the viewer to delve into the depth of her art practice.


  Copyright@The Private Museum

Copyright@The Private Museum


The Private Museum is proud to present Hong Zhu An: Pure Heart – A Bali Purnati Foundation Artist Residency by internationally-renowned Singaporean artist, Hong Zhu An. The exhibition features a selection of 15 new works from a series inspired by Hong’s recent Artist Residency in Bali at the Yayasan Bali Purnati | The Bali Purnati Centre For The Arts. This residency marks his second and most significant visit to Bali since his first trip more than 10 years ago. Through this residency, Hong  immersed in the tranquil nature and travelled through the rich textures of landscapes with road trips and site visits around the Northern, Southern and Eastern Bali.




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From the early beginning of his artistic engagement, Heri Dono has consistently aspired to set right what he thought was wrong. For Heri, art is not just about exploring the beauty or the aesthetic but to give awareness to the audience. “Artists have a moral responsibility to add to the global conversation, and inspire people with awareness of what is going on in their environment and in the world at large. 





One of the world's most cataclysmic volcanic outbursts was the 1883 eruption of Mount Krakatau located on a small island in the Sunda Strait which separates the islands of Sumatra and Java. The explosion was so enormous that it could be felt thousands of miles away. The eruption and the massive destruction it caused, has stirred the imaginations of artists and writers around the world.




by The Bali Purnati Center For The Arts

An enchanting gamelan odyssey with music direction by Rahayu Supanggah
Artistic direction by Restu Kusumaningrum




The theme of the Indonesia Pavilion at the 55th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale is Sakti, a concept taken from Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage and interpreted in the context of contemporary art practice.

In Sanskrit, sákti refers to primordial cosmic energy and the personification of divine, feminine creative energy; it also indicates change and liberation.  Of Indian origin, the Hindu concept of sakti was quickly integrated by Indonesians into their local cosmology, becoming associated with such mythical female figures as the rice goddess Dewi Sri and the South Sea Queen, and with certain objects like the keris (ritual dagger).


 Photo Courtesy of Luc "Velu" Vekemans  www.veluart.com

Photo Courtesy of Luc "Velu" Vekemans www.veluart.com

Dance for Peace - June 2010

In June of 2010 the Purnati Dance Theater Company went to the Netherlands with the “Dance for Peace" project , specially choreographed music and dance pieces from Bali and South Sulawesi. Traditional dances of the two islands were presented in a contemporary way. "Dance for Peace" expresses the symbolism of the cycle of birth, destruction and rebirth. This provides a unique, exhilarating and poetic spectacle using dance, music, song, masks and fire. 

The Purnati Dance Theater Company was established in 2000 by international dancers and actors from the different islands of the Indonesian Archipelago. The group is based near Ubud , the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali. Over the past decade Purnati Dance Theater Company has developed new projects and techniques, which have often resulted in international collaborations and productions with artists from Europe, Asia and the United States.


Rahayu Supanggah and Kronos Quartet - June 13,  2009

The world premiere of their musical collaboration with Rahayu Supanggah, the well-known music maestro from Solo, Java. This was a one-time-only concert that happened just before sunset in our Bale Kambang.



Theatre, dance, music and poetry unite when the Bugis epic, I LA GALIGO, comes to the stage in a visionary work by the internationally acclaimed master of the theatre, Robert Wilson. I LA GALIGO features a cast of Indonesia’s finest performers who form a company of 50 actors, dancers and musicians. Coming primarily from South Sulawesi, the cast also includes artists from other islands in the vast Indonesian archipelago: Bali, Irian Jaya, Java, and Sumatra. The music has been researched and composed by Indonesian master Rahayu Supanggah. The creative team is comprised of Robert Wilson and a group of International artists collaborating with performing artists, designers and craftsmen from all over Indonesia. 

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 Nan Melville for The New York Times

Nan Melville for The New York Times

“States and Resemblance” - The Nothing festival

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"open!" - A collaboration between New York - Bali

Dean Moss - Cok Sawitri
Yayasan Bali Purnati - Kelompok Tulus Ngayah

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The Ultimate Balinese Workshop for Actors, Dancers, Directors and Musicians.
Produced by STUDIO 5, NEW YORK. USA
August 2, 2010 to August 21, 2010

Bali Purnati Center For The Arts and STUDIO 5 New York
June 2 through June 14, 2008

The Bali Conservatory at Purnati
August 2nd - 27th 2008