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Yoga + Meditation

Yoga and meditation


Purnati’s highly spiritual, private and sacred location is ideal for successful retreats, workshops and seminars.  The name Purnati refers in Balinese to a peaceful and pure heart.

Each year we host a dozen yoga retreats led by practitioners and their students.  Our staff is experienced to cater to the needs of your group and make your retreat a unique experience.

Purnati has a newly renovated (2011) wooden floor open air covered bale which is perfect for sessions.  Our environmentally-conscious grounds also have generous and open or small and intimate locations for sessions throughout our gardens.


“Practicing and teaching yoga felt wonderful at Purnati, where the land is as sacred and ancient as the practice itself. The serenity of the nature and temples surrounding us provided a space where we could bring to life yoga's many elements including song, movement, and the sharing of ideas and experience.
Thank you, Purnati, for your commitment to the international Yoga community!"

Reema Datta, teaching with Danny Paradise, April, 2005



Past yoga workshops and retreats

  • THE RETREAT with Nicky Kassapian and Jen Oliveiro
  • THE ART OF YOGA with Sri Jane
  • INTO THE FIRE OF THE HEART Yoga Retreat by Susan Rose and Bali Purnati
  • In Beauty It's Begun by Doug von Koss www.dougvonkoss.com
  • A Retreat for Restoring Body, Mind, and Soul. Sponsored by Charlie & Linda Bloom with Linda & Larry Cammarata and Doug von Koss www.bloomwork.com
  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Retreat by Rebecca Pflaum www.inwardboundyoga.com
  • Yoga Retreat by Marly Cordozo www.rasavinyasa.com
  • Yoga Retreat with Susan Harper, organized by Ken Ballard
  • Fundraiser for the Usha Yoga Foundation with Reema Datta & Danny Paradise www.ushayoga.com
  • Yoga Workshop by Reema Datta & Danny Paradise www.dannyparadise.com
  • Yoga Workshop with Jen Oliviero organized by Bali Purnati & Bali Spirit www.balispirit.com
  • Yoga Retreat by Anne Nakhoda
  • Yoga Retreat by Dori Sabapathy