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Symposium on Transdisciplinary Narratives- BecomeBecome Bali


Date and Time:

27th Febrary, 10am-3pm

Symposium on Transdisciplinary Narratives - BecomeBecome Bali

We invite you to join us for the Second International Symposium on Transdisciplinary Narratives. Organized by BecomeBecome and Yayasan Bali Purnati, this unique event brings together a group of makers and shakers from the fields of art, curation, education and research for a day of open exchange and new ideas.

As SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS, we are welcoming Carolina Da Riva from Green School and Summa Durie from TEDxUbud.

How can we shape a future where collaboration across disciplines is the norm?

What does it mean to work on a transdisciplinary project, and how can we share narratives that engage and inspire as many people as possible?

What are some of the key trends emerging in education and learning, and how do they impact the language we use to describe our world?

In which ways can process-based learning and acting create inspiring solutions and a more connected path of engaging with the world?

How can wellbeing and intuition inform our output as artists, researchers and curators, while creating learning modalities that address the whole person?

These are only some of the questions we will explore on this day packed with amazing speakers and conversations.

Entry is free to the public and drinks and snacks will be provided. A detailed schedule will be posted in the days before the event.

We look forward to a profoundly inspirational day with you!


Exhibitng artists:
Amy Bunker (US)
Małgorzata Kaczmarska (Poland)
Nat Ma (Australia)
Janet Lee (US)
Chian-Yun (Taiwan)
Pudji Utomo (Indonesia)
Sanja Hurem (Bosnia / Germany)
Carly Ptak (US)
Brahna Yassky (US)
Julia Vasko (Singapore)
Marion Wasserman (US)
Filipa Tojal (Portugal / Japan)
Anastacia Drake (US)
Sanne Clifford (Netherlands)

Photo credits by Sanja Hurem