Yayasan Bali Purnati | The Bali Purnati Center For The Arts

Artists In Residence 2005

Artist-in-Residence Program 2005


ARED COLLINS, resident photographer from New York
When I was accepted to become the Fall 2005 Artist in Residence at the Bali Purnati Center, I knew that I was going to have a very special opportunity to create art in a legendary place in the world. For the past 8 years, my work as a photographer has focused heavily on portraits, performances, ancient history and mysticism – all of which Bali happens to have an abundance of. After being here for 4 weeks, I can say that I have never seen a place in the world where friends, family, culture, nature and religion blend in such beautiful harmony. The genuine kindness and generosity of the people here, along with the friends I’ve made – not to mention the incredible photographs that were produced here, has made this experience one that will be close to my heart for the rest of my life.

October 2005


FELICITY FAULKNER, resident artist from New York City
A major part of my five weeks stay at Bali Purnati has been about my mind learning to be still and allowing the essence of the place and the island to seep in.
In the USA (where I currently live), most are trained to be aggressively individual. It is quite the opposite in Bali. One is welcomed and wants to become a part of the whole: nature, time, community.  My first early morning sight of the almost unbearably beautiful rice terraces at Ceking, helped me understand this.I experienced the deepest desire to be part of the oneness.
Being here is a freeing experience for me. Instead of analyzing what I see and hear, I start feeling through my whole body, using all my senses. Sounds start having color and colors start having sounds. Certain elements that I had initially found sharp and somewhat jarring, I’m beginning to experience as part of the over-all harmony, as balancing points and counter points.

March - April 2005


FRENGKY YENU, resident artist from Papua

I find the Bali Purnati to be a wonderful place. I’m very happy to stay and to work here. Purnati invited me to make some traditional paintings from Papua, where I come from. I’m planning to collaborate with an abstract painter from New York, Felicity Faulkner, who is also working at Purnati.
I’m making some drawings, abstract and figurative in a traditional Papua style. The subjects are human struggles and problems in the world we live in: incurable illness, the rich men forgetting the poor or people have a nice life dismissing God. As humans we must remember that we live together in one world.
After finishing figurative drawings I will be making some of shields with traditional patterns from Papua. At the moment I’m making works on the paper. Later the drawings will be transferred onto wood to create paintings. I hope through this collaboration I can help introduce Papua art internationally.

April 2005